The problem with my generation.

We like to compare ourselves with others, now add social media to the mix and you’ll be depress because some random people on friends list is/are now successful. For example I just logged in with my old account cause of family reason and boom! Everyone is now successful and you’ll end up comparing yourself with them.

That’s one of our problem, we’re a generation of comparison. There’s multiple solutions though, for me I logged out of Facebook, and focused on my Job, surround yourself with people that appreciate you, and just don’t compare yourself with anyone else. The later is hard to do, trust me on that.


A dreadful way to start your day.

Apparently my phone decided to not allow me to access my custom recovery, so what did I did? I tried to install/update my recovery with zero success so what’s the next step? Try to install a stock firmware and it still didn’t work, so what now? I know access the stock recovery and try to wipe everything……

Yep that’s me being stupid and losing all the files inside my phone, my Pokemon saves, my poems, all gone….

What a way to start my Sunday. How was yours?