I finally slayed one of my demons.

I got promoted last week….

I’m a big fan of Mr Robot, I haven’t finished the second season but my word still stands that I’m a big fan. One of my favorite quotes from the show is “It’s not about getting up. It’s about stumbling. Stumbling in the right direction.” and I totally agree to this.

I have plenty of demons inside my head, I had them since high school, some I slayed, some sleeps, and some still haunts me up to very day. One of my worst is about my promotion. To give a brief summary I been working in this company for over 2 years now, and I tried to get promoted multiple times and end up failing more times than I can count, that’s when that quote from Mr Robot comes it.

Maybe it’s just dumb luck that I came across an ad for an apprenticeship when I’m scrolling through my email that day, but I took my chances and applied and I got in. I work my ass off just to prove that I’m the right person for the job and past forward 6 months they promoted me, and I don’t know what to feel. I can’t say I’m exited because the real test comes after the promotion, maybe it’s mixed emotions or I just can’t feel anything at all.

For me that’s the meaning of the quote, It’s really not about getting up anymore it’s about failing multiple times and stumbling on unforeseen opportunities presented by life itself.

Now I can move forward and slay some more.