The art of not doing anything.

I just spend my day off doing nothing, I mean I did watch some Pro Wrestling, Anime, and played some games, but nothing productive. I don’t know, once I’m home I rather rest than try to learn something new, maybe it’s just me, but what the heck it’s my day off and I want to just lay on my bed and pretend to sleep.


My new Life with Linux

Day 7 Log 1

This is Day seven of me using Linux, specifically Lubuntu one of Ubuntu’s Flavors.

I have used Windows since God knows when, and it never failed me up until I upgraded to Windows 10, don’t get me wrong Windows 10 is great but my hardware can’t keep up with it and discussing about my current hardware is a different topic altogether and might require a different post. In short I enjoy using windows but my hardware don’t and enter Linux.

This is not the first time I’ve used Linux, mainly Ubuntu the first time was way back in college and it’s was basic stuff, how to install, how to use the terminal, so on so forth and like every college student in the Philippines I forgot about it after graduating. In my defense learning Linux was never a priority, it’s more playing online games and having fun.

Fast forward and it’s February 27, 2016 and I’m installing Lubuntu 16.10 on my Machine. I can’t recall when I decided to try Linux all I know is that I can barely use my PC with Windows 10, random crashes, lags and freezes, monitor turning off every now and then (maybe might fault due to me overclocking my card). I think it’s the last one that made me decide to install Linux and I’m here right now because of that.

End of Log 1.

First blog post… Not

If this appears as my first post well it’s not.

I’m pretty new to WordPress and blogging all together and I did’t notice that I could edit the very first post on my page made by WordPress themselves and that’s why I’m editing it now.

This blog is not purely about tech but more about my daily life, regardless if it’s about tech, games I played, or my shortcomings, I’ll post them here for the whole world to see.